Adulting- the practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult. We understand that everyone can feel out of place at times and would like some guidance on your path. No matter what stage you are at in the growing up process, we have a group of people to go through it with you. Don't face it alone, join us as we do life together.

NHBC Womens Ministry

"Without a vision the people perish" the vision for the women ministry at NHBC is 3 tiered. Discipleship- WOW or Women of the Word is an in-depth Bible study targeted at growing closer to the Lord in the daily walk of a woman.

Fellowship- Sisters Circle is a weekly meeting of women where they pray for, encourage, and invest in each others lives. All while working on crafts or art projects! 

Partnership- The LinC, (Ladies in Christ) is how outreach gets done at NHBC. They have monthly meetings (including a monthly quilting group), service opportunities, retreats and projects throughout our community.  

Check our calendar or email HERE to find out more.

  • LinC Ladies in Christ outreach

    Currently on hiatus die to COVID-19

  • WOW Women of the Word Discipleship

    Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm

  • Sisters Circle Fellowship

    Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm, in the Education Building


Our purpose is to lead the men in our church and in our community in discovering God's purpose for them and to embrace the responsibilities of being a godly man.

The Bible has provided us with the tools we need to be better Fathers, Husbands and Servants for God's glory.

Here at Man Church we gather in a man's environment to lift each other up in our daily trials as well as collectively serving in our community by participating in projects that can further the Kingdom of God.

God has blessed you with a gift and he wants you to use it for his Glory.

Come join us and share what God has done for you.

family & Marriage

Not only is marriage and our families under attack, many are not prepared for the battle. Our aim is to equip and empower families and marriages in those day to day struggles. Retreats, Date Nights, a Family Bible study and great solid Biblical teaching will help you face all that this world wants to throw at you. 


You are in the prime of your life! Use it to enjoy all that you have been blessed with. Take trips and enjoy special nights together with others like you in fellowship. Dig deep onto God's Word and taste and see that HE IS GOOD!